Maharani Spices is one of the reputated and well known Manufacturers and Exporters of Medicinal Herbs, Spices, Natural Oil and various other products. We beleive in quality for which we conduct rigorous on-site quality inspection to manage quality. Also the team takes best care in ensuring the best packaging materials are used in the safe and hygienic packing of the products range.

Maharani Spices has introduced a variety of Herbal Teas that balances Health in natural way, according to India's Vedic System popularly Known as "Ayurveda". They all are mild & natural having many medicinal value. Herbal Tea helps in preventing from various disorders and gives soothing & relaxing effect without any harm.

We provide you with the best choice of spices from the India. Spices add taste, flavour, aroma and color. Spices are derived from different parts of the plant, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, buds and even the bark. Spices are more than just a food item. They are part of our culture, moulding our eating habits and enriching the langauage we speak. We provide the best quality of natural oil that is extracted from qualitative raw material and is 100% pure. Natural oil that we manufacture and Export is a boon of traditional ayurvedic formulations that has passed down the ages.